Engagement Photography | Chloe + Will

Chloe+Will got ahold of us, loving our style of work. We met for coffee and bonded over Costa Rica, The Bachelor, and being Homeschooled… it was amazing. The love they have for each other, and the connection between them gave me goosebumps!

As we were searching for a place to take their engagement session, there was this hidden park Will told me about, but I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET IN, so we went to another park for the time being. After he kept telling me about this biking trail with an amazing view at the top…we just had to go. We ended up hiking for 45 minutes in this hidden forest with just a narrow bike trail as a path, and it was GORGEOUS. Straight outta ‘The Village’ let me tell ya.

The end, view was worth it. You felt like you were standing at the very top of beautiful mountain, as if we weren’t in Sioux Falls at all.

As we approach their wedding this December, I am SO eager to see what we will capture then. Congrats you two!!

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Savannah WilsonComment