Love Letters

Check out what our past brides have had to say about working with us!

"We were so excited when we first wrote Luke & Savannah to ask them to do our photos.. We didn't think they'd go all the way to Denmark just for one wedding. But they did! And we can't thank them enough!! Not possible to imagine a better experience with professional photographers.. Just so incredibly talented and friendly, all the way from initial arrangements to final delivery. We received more than 300 gorgeous photos just about 2 weeks after the wedding, extraordinary compared to what many other people experience! If you are getting married, do yourself a favor and ask these guys to take your photos!!" -Ophelia


"Luke and Savannah are truly such talented/creative photographers. I am absolutely in love with the wedding collection they shot for our "destination" wedding. I couldn't be more pleased with all the organic moments they caught and now we'll have forever :) Plus they are adorable and a pleasure to work with!" -Crystal P.
"Your wedding day is finally here and you are so nervous. People have told you over and over again that things will go wrong. On the morning of my wedding I thought I was ready. I wasn't. It was raining, the makeup and hair were running behind, my dress ripped; I could go on and on. I was on the verge of having a melt down
*Enter Luke and Savannah*
They did such a stunning job. They helped put me at ease and laugh. They were incredibly professional, but still it was extremely comforting having them around. I loved that they got photos of EVERYTHING! They even got photos of my husband getting ready which I adored. They were never in the way not when I was getting ready or at the ceremony. They were apart of the party at the reception and STILL took photos. When we got our photos and I literally cried. Pure. Beautiful and perfect. Our photos were definitely one of the highlights of our wedding. Having beautiful memories from our special day is the best gift and choice anyone could ever make. Our wedding would not have been the same without them. Thank you Luke and Savannah for every single memory you took and made better!" -Agatha G.