Questions I Get ALL THE TIME

What does a second shooter actually do?

What doesn’t a second shooter do?!  Second shooters are great for capturing a second angle and sometimes the second angle is the one you end up falling in love with.  A SS will also give main photographers some time to be super creative while they capture the basics.  And, ya know, a person can’t be in two places at once.  Second shooters also really cut down on time because one of us can shoot the bridesmaids while the other shoots groomsmen ready, etc.  You get the point.  PLUS, it’s really really fun to have a second photographer on the team to keep everyone at ease (and run to get you pizza when you realize you’re starving halfway through the day).  And in conclusion, gotta hit them angles!


What am I paying for when I book a photographer?

When you are looking at the prices for professional photography, you may be surprised by the prices.  I want to share with you a quick breakdown of what you are actually paying for when you book a photographer.  When you book a photographer, you are paying for the 12+ hours of work they will be putting in on the day of your wedding, yes, but you are also paying for:

Prep work before your wedding & drive time 

Second shooter/assistant

Hours of sorting and editing

Years of experience and education

Equipment expenses

Upkeep of our gear (good gear = expensive)

Editing software

Advertising costs

Permits, licenses, insurance

State business and self-employment taxes

+ all of the time communicating with and scheduling takes.

And please remember that our business does not come with any benefits!  So the next time you’re looking into booking a photographer, you will know exactly what you are paying for.  I hope this can clear up any misconceptions, and ideally, take away the feeling of being ripped off after looking at photography prices.  Even though the sticker price can be a little shocking at first, I hope you can take heart in knowing you’re helping us photographers make a modest wage for professional services and keeping food on the table and a roof over our heads in the process.  


How much experience do you have?

I started my business almost exactly four years ago, but my love of photography started long before that!  I’ve always loved taking pictures of people and I started trying photography out when I was quite young.  I also shadowed an amazingly talented photographer friend of mine for a month before venturing out on my own and during that time I took photography classes at college.


Favorite places/venues to shoot?

My favorite venue or place to shoot is basically anywhere outdoors!  I especially love having water nearby and including water aspects in our shoots (as I’m sure you know if you’ve been stalking the IG).  Water gives depth and also gives us the options of photographing you jumping in or canoeing over a lake, etc.  There are so many amazing venues in the area, though.  And if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for an engagement shoot, etc., let us know because we have some great suggestions in the area ;).


Do I have to come up with poses or do you?

You do not have to come up with your own poses!  We will direct you.  We aren’t too fond of “posey posey” shots, so we will direct you with certain actions that will photograph the most naturally.  If you do have some ideas of your own, though, just let us know and we will incorporate them!


How far in advance do I need to book a photographer?

We usually book our at least a year in advance!  But contact us as soon as you have a date, because 2019 is getting booked up fast!


What is “golden hour?”

Have you ever seen a GORGEOUS outdoor wedding picture?  Chances are it was taken during golden hour.  The time of day you take your photos will make all the difference in how they turn out!  Light is the most important photographic element and the lighting right after the sunset and right before the sunrise is impossible to replicate.  Even if your wedding day happens, by chance, to fall on a day with perfect, even lighting for photos, that golden hue simply makes everything better *heart eyes*.  So if you have your photos scheduled during a time of day that has the potential to have a lot of harsh light, it’s going to make things harder for your photographer and everyone in the photos.  The more evenly exposed the light, the easier it is for your photographer to capture people!  Plus you won’t be squinting either ;). So, please schedule your photos during the time of day that puts a natural, unique filter on!  It definitely helps me as a photographer and you will not regret it when you get those dreamy, golden photos back that make you melt as much as your big day did!  I mean, us photographers will make it work no matter what time of day you squeeze in our one-on-one time, but why not make everything everyone’s job a little easier??


How many photos will I receive?

This depends on how many hours you have us for!  We shoot at least 50 images/hr so about 500 for an 8 hour wedding. 


How long until I can see them??

Our turnaround for weddings is four weeks!


Is it really worth booking a more expensive package?

Oh yeah.  You know the saying “You get what you pay for”?  That is definitely the case when it comes to options for photography.  It’s so worth having us there for more time to capture more moments.  And you already know why adding a second shooter is a great idea!  Just ask us and we will work together to find the package that best fits your needs.


Do you travel?

Did you say travel?  Heeeeck yes.  We’ve been all the way to Europe to shoot a wedding, we don’t mind traveling to wherever you’re located.


Is lodging and travel included?

It is not, but we can definitely work something out!  If we have to drive over 3 hours, we need a place to stay.  Or a friend’s basement.  We’re definitely not opposed to that.


Well, I think I covered quite a few bases, but if you have any other questions, please contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you.

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