Ten Things You Don't Find Out Until You're Engaged


1.   You will not be able to stop staring at your hand.  For days.  And days.

This one might seem pretty obvious.  We have all seen it in the movies and possibly with our close friends who have already been engaged.  And your friends and family will also be staring at that ring with you.  It is kind of fun.  No, it is really fun.

2.  It might not be your fairytale proposal.

Things might not go exactly to plan.  Your nails might be chipped.  It might be a spur of the moment decision to propose at that exact time because it just feels right.  So instead of getting caught up in “how he asked,” remember why he asked.  Just think about all the wonderful things about your relationship and why you two want to spend forever together.  A fairytale proposal is a nice thought, but the really important part is deciding to spend the rest of your life with your person…and that’s the best fairytale of all!

3.  You will have to tell “how he asked” a bazillion times.

Now that I just told you “how he asked” isn’t important, I’m going to tell you that literally everyone will be asking to hear the story.  And it might get a little old, but just remember they are asking because they are excited for you!!  This is a very special time in your life and will not last forever, so soak it all in.  Enjoy every moment and every time you retell the story.

4.   People are going to ask if they are invited to your wedding right away.

Try not to get too stressed about this one.  The kind of people that ask that might not be the ones on your A list (or B list for that matter), so be vague.  Say you haven’t gotten to the guest list yet an you’re not sure on how many people you can invite.  Do not let them get to you, you have enough on your plate as is!

5.  AND they will ask you about the date and location before you can even think about it.

This one kind of goes right along with the last one, but it’s so true.  So I repeat my advice- don’t take these questions too seriously.  Take your time and enjoy being engaged.  Which leads to the next thing that will happen when you get engaged…

6.  You will get so much unsolicited advice.

Speaking of advice…you’re about to get a whole lot of it- and mostly unsolicited.  Newly married couples, not-so-newly married couples, and just people in general are going to become very nosy when you get engaged.  They will tell you what they did and how they feel about elements of weddings and give you way more than just their $0.02.  Some of this advice might be great actually!  Some of it will help you.  But so much of it just will not even apply to you and you’re going to have to smile and nod and thank them and then walk away.  BECAUSE…

7.  It will be hard to not just jump into the wedding planning before you get used to being engaged.

You already know you’re going to spend forever with this person once you are married.  So go on a date.  Show off your ring.  Tell your waiter you just got engaged.  Tell your uber driver.  Tell your landlord.  Tell anyone who will listen.  Just soak up the fact that you are ENGAGED.  Because it won’t last.  The wedding plans will start and you’ll get overwhelmed and everything will be hectic with everyday things and wedding things and you are going to wish you could go back to that dreamy head state of just.  being.  engaged.  The wedding will happen, the planning will get done, so just take some time and reflect on this fleeting fairytale period of your life.

8.  Your relationship will change.

For the better!  And the different.  Going from being in love with someone to promising your life will be with them forever is going to change the dynamic.  Certain things will seem less important…and certain things will seem more important.  You might decide it’s finally time to tell your fiancé about all the annoying habits they have and are going to need to lose.  Or you might decide that those annoying habits simply don’t matter when you look at the bigger picture.  Things will change, so don’t be afraid when the dynamic gets thrown off.  Just enjoy the process.

9.  Engagement photos are SO FUN.

One of the best parts of being a photographer is shooting engagement sessions.  It’s a chance for lovebirds to be themselves and to make memories that will last a longer than your own lifetime.  You are there for the pictures that your grandkids are going to look through when you’ve grown old.  Engagement photos are your way to tell your love story better than any words can.  Luke and I LOVE seeing how couples interact when they are newly engaged.  This is also a great way to ease your way into wedding planning.  You can find the right photographer for your engagement and wedding and kill two birds with one stone.

10.  Last but not least, you are going to love it.

When you’ve found the right person and you say yes to them, or they say yes to you, it’s the best feeling in the world.  As a classic song once put it “love is all you need.”  So I cannot stress this enough- ENJOY EVERY MOMENT.  Live every day together like it’s your last day on earth.  You will never look back in your life and wish you spent less time with the person you love!  I know I sure don’t.  You will only regret the special moments that didn’t happen.  So, if you are newly engaged and reading this, congratulations.  If you suspect you will be engaged soon, I am so excited for you.  And I hope Luke + Savannah Photography can be a part of your journey.

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