Big Wedding Decisions (The Easy Way)

With your wedding coming up, you have a lot of decisions ahead of you- what venue to choose, who your bridal party will be, where to honeymoon, etc.  It all might seem a bit overwhelming to take in.  So where should you start?  I’ve compiled some foolproof steps (and examples) toward making the best decisions during wedding planning.

Know what decisions really matter to you.

The first step in making the best decisions when it comes to your wedding is knowing which decisions really matter to you.  Maybe there are things about your wedding that you could care less about!  If that is the case, do not sweat the small stuff.  There is no need to overthink a decision that should be rather simple.  There are some choices that you could be happy with any number of outcomes!  In other words, if it will not affect you in any way whether your bridesmaids wear the same shoes or different shoes, don’t spend time and energy going back and forth.  Make a gut decision and stick to it!  Save the energy for the things that truly matter to you two personally.


So, now that you’ve differentiated which are the big and which are the less important decisions to be made, prioritize your time to make informed big decisions.  The three steps below are especially applicable to the big stuff.  So, take your time, think the matter through, and be reasonable!

Take your time. 

When it comes to the bigger decisions, don’t feel the need to rush the decision-making process.  The way you feel can about the choices you have can change from day to day, so it’s important to let the matter sit awhile before making your final decision.  This will help you make sure you’re not making an in-the-moment decision!  For example, if the venue is very important to you and you tour many venues all at once, it might be hard to differentiate the pros and cons for each one.  However, if you LOVE one at the end of a day of touring venues, give it a week, and feel the same way, you will make a sure decision.  If it changes over the course of time, you’ll either know you haven’t found the right one yet or you’ll realize a different venue is the one for you.

Think the matter through.

This step kind of goes along with the last one.  Taking your time will give you the opportunity to think about every aspect of your choices.  When deciding on food options, think about what will accommodate to your guests’ and your own taste.  If many people have an allergy to nuts or gluten, there are some types of food that would make it difficult for them to eat.  Thinking through the impact your different options will have helps you get it right!

Be reasonable.

Yes, it would be amazing to have a series of ice sculptures at your reception!  But if you’re getting married outdoors in the Texas summer, that is just not a reasonable request.  There are going to be hard decisions to make planning every wedding.  And many times it won’t be easy to make the reasonable decision!  Your budget, the services available in your area, and the time you can spend planning will all limit what you can plan for a wedding.  It is so good to recognize that and make reasonable decisions!  That will also reduce your stress level later on down the road when you are paying for and setting everything up!  Doing things the simple way will give you the best outcome most of the time!

I know that, for me, I planned my whole wedding around the venue I wanted.  I picked the first available date and based the rest of the planning around the venue.  They provided catering and the style helped me choose table decorations and favors.  I chose my bridesmaids dresses to be able to stand out in a large, open setting from far away.  I know from firsthand experiences that these tricks to making the best decisions work!  That’s why I love it when my brides tell me they have been wanting to book me since they got engaged!  It’s something so special to be a part of someones decision-making process, so that’s why I wanna help you ladies out as much as possible.  If you are having a hard time choosing the right photographer and it is something important to you, please send me a message!  I would love to chat and talk about your style, your hopes for how photos will turn out, and your budget.  And then, hopefully, we can figure out a package that works for both of us!  Choosing your photographer does not have to be hard.

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