Capturing Memories that Last a Lifetime

Memories are an interesting thing.  On one hand, we define memory as “the faculty by which the mind stores and remembers information” (Oxford Dictionary).  A memory, though, is something that is remembered from the past.  Take a moment and think about the moments in your life you hope you will never forget- the day you met your s/o, the moment you realized you were falling in love, your baby’s first breath, or maybe your parents’ anniversary.  Our mind does store all of these beautiful things for us to look back on.  Sometimes, though, those memories fade and we can’t see the memory as clearly as the day it happened.  Something that will never fade, though, is a photograph.  Luke + I are in the business of capturing memories.  Our goal is for you to look through your photos and be brought back to the very moment the picture was taken.  We want to capture the emotion you are feeling at these beautiful times so a glance through your photo albums will keep those memories as crystal clear as the day they happened.  

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day will make all the difference.  An experienced photography that is in the game of making memories is an important investment for your wedding day.  There’s a big difference between browsing through a photographer’s work on IG or their website and actually having them take the photos for your big day.  Make sure to communicate clearly with your photographer before signing the contract.  Make sure y’all get along!  Your wedding photographer is going to be there for all the big moments on your special day, so clicking is so important.  It will help you be comfortable and natural, which is exactly how we want you to be for your pictures!  No unnatural posing or doing things out of character for the camera, just be yourself.  We want to capture memories and emotions as they happen.

Here’s a few of the moments we want to catch to help you remember forever:

Busy Little Moments

On your wedding day, you will be so busy that many things may slip your notice.  As you comb through your wedding album, all those little things will come back to your mind.  For example, the little kisses your man gave you right after the first look, the look of wonder in your nephew’s eyes as he sees you come down the aisle, that hug your mom gave you with tears in her eyes right after you said your vows.  Trust me, you are going to want to cherish those little moments forever!  Luke and I will capture all those little things on your big day.  Don’t they say that looking back, those little moments really are what matter in life?  Someone once described photography as “taking an image, freezing a moment, revealing how rich reality truly is.”  A moment is frozen in time with a photograph, something unchanging.  And we strive to capture the easily unnoticed.  All those little moments during the busy times of your big day will be captured for you to cherish forever. 

Big Moments

Capturing the big moments from your big day is something precious and irreplaceable.  Those moments happen once in your life.  Let us take the adventure with you!  Pictures are so important because you can relive those big moments.  We look for happiness and joy when we look at a picture.  You want your photos to capture exactly the magic of the moment you were feeling when it happened.  The first look is one of those moments.  Being able to capture the emotion in that beautiful moment is something that takes practice to perfect.  The glisten in his eyes, the pure joy in yours, the electric when you kiss for the first time on your wedding day.  Then there are the vows and the first time you kiss as a married couple!  The way you look at each other full of hope and expectation, the emotional moment you commit yourselves to each other, and that storybook kiss you’ve been dreaming of since you were 8 years old.  That’s what you want those photos to say.  And then we have the father-daughter dance.  This is one of the most precious and emotional moments.  You are dancing with the person that was the most important man in your life for decades.  Now you are all grown up and married, but for those minutes that the song lasts, you are daddy’s little girl again.  You’re gonna want to hold on to that forever.  Trust me.  *crying*

Making Moments

Last, but certainly not least, we love capturing memories that you create with us!  Whether it’s an engagement shoot or an anniversary shoot, or anything of the sort, we love being there to make moments with you guys!  If you’re newly engaged, you’ve been married for awhile, or your family is growing before your eyes, it’s time to get professional photos taken!  Not only could you get some fire IG feed material, it’s important to keep those family photos updated.  We will make it an easy, enjoyable, and completely pain-free experience.  You’ll probably even have fun (jk, I know you will).  If you book us for a shoot, you can count on memories being made and captured all at the same time.  We will encourage you to be yourselves.  We might bond over steak and strawberry salads.  Or maybe we will ask you to throw your fiancé into a lake.  Or we might just laugh a lot together.  No matter what the story of your love is, we want to help you tell it with something you can hold onto forever.  Book a shoot with us and we will make some great memories together!

Luke + I develop an attachment to each of the couples that comes our way.  We hope that we can help tell your love story.  Contact us to see how we can make the most important memories of your life memories that will never fade.

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