3 Reasons to do a Photoshoot for your Upcoming Anniversary!

Whether you've been married a while, or celebrating your 1st anniversary, you want it documented. Here's 3 reasons why:


You haven't gotten professional photos since your wedding. 

Let's be real, it's long overdue. If you go missing tomorrow and the best picture they can find of you doesn't even look like you? You're screwed. Invest in photos that will capture your love for a lifetime, and hey, update that profile pic while you're at it.


it's a gift that lasts.

Flowers wither up after a week, chocolates disappear after a day...(and re-appear on the love handles). 

This is the perfect solution. A photoshoot is not only a great romantic gift, but an experience. Let's plan a date, we'll go out on the lake and photograph you two cuddling up in a canoe. Then we'll take you downtown to get sushi, macaroons, and window-shop. All the meantime, capturing everything that makes you, you. 


memories for your future/children/grandchildren (or pets)

Remember sitting around your Grandma's coffee table, looking through her old photo albums? Those things lasted forever. And you're glad that they did, that was part of their history. Invest in pictures, get them printed, and your future kiddos will thank you for it.